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trouble booting kernels 2.1.100, 2.1.101

I have created new kernels 2.1.100 and later 2.1.101 in the normal
way.  However, when I try to boot these kernels via MILO in the normal
way, I get the error message

attempt to access beyone end of device

I wonder if the kernel size is too large (>700K) and this is the
reason for the error.

How do I correct this error?  The kernel compiles fine (finally with
the patch for builtin_memset in string.h).

P.S.  I don't use modules.  I may be forced to here?  Also, perhaps a
minimum of kernel options just to debug this error?  What is the
maximum allowable size of a kernel?  Also, I am booting a MILO built
from 2.0.30 kernel.

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