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Re: compilation

On 5 May 1998, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:

> gcc/egcs on the alpha do not optimize as well as they do on the intel
> chips.  That is being worked on, and hopefully 1.1 should bring some
> significant improvement as the improved egcs scheduler (which is not
> currently enabled due to stability issues) should be integrated by
> then.

FYI, I am still compiling the weekly egcs snapshots and testing the Haifa
scheduler for improvements.  Just a few minutes ago, I put the 980502
snapshot up on beezer in case anyone's interested.  This one has the
scheduler enabled and seems to work fine under my limited testing
conditions.  If anyone wants to pick up the snapshots that I compile,
(xxxx being the snapshot month and day)

> Switching to gcc would hurt your performance, and likely introduce
> bugs into your code.

Very true.  I played with gcc 2.8.x for awhile before concluding that egcs
is superiour on the Alphas.  Plus, it just doesn't seem to have alot of
the advanced features that egcs does.

> So, what are the chances that, on the off hours, you could run package
> compilations? :-) Your machine has got to be about 20x faster than the
> UDBs that are doing most complation...

Yeah :)


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