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Re: compilation

Jesse Goldman <goldman@phys.ksu.edu> writes:
> I've been running some tests on our Alpha 533 PC164LX (Debian 2.0) to
> check how fast it is relative to our Intel Debian machines. I discovered
> this morning, to my surprise, that, our Dual Pentium II 300 beats the
> Alpha while running some fortran code which mainly does floating point
> integration. Is this to be expected? Will switching from egcs to standard
> gcc make a difference? Thanks...

gcc/egcs on the alpha do not optimize as well as they do on the intel
chips.  That is being worked on, and hopefully 1.1 should bring some
significant improvement as the improved egcs scheduler (which is not
currently enabled due to stability issues) should be integrated by

Switching to gcc would hurt your performance, and likely introduce
bugs into your code.

So, what are the chances that, on the off hours, you could run package
compilations? :-) Your machine has got to be about 20x faster than the
UDBs that are doing most complation...


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