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Re: compilation

Christopher C Chimelis wrote:

> On 5 May 1998, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:
> > gcc/egcs on the alpha do not optimize as well as they do on the intel
> > chips.  That is being worked on, and hopefully 1.1 should bring some
> > significant improvement as the improved egcs scheduler (which is not
> > currently enabled due to stability issues) should be integrated by
> > then.

If your code does lots of cos/sin/tan/sqrt/div/etc in the inner loops, it
is quite likely a PII could outrun an Alpha. Compiler won't help
much. The math libraries need tuning for Alphas. That and a divide
just sucks in general. The libraries are tuned better on Intel.

That said, if you're doing your own code and not depending on those
library calls, you should see a 533MHZ alpha is about twice as fast
as a PII 300MHZ. It is on my code and I know how to avoid those
problems above.


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