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XFree 3.3.2

In article <19980326091948.33676@wau.mis.ah.nl> you write:

>> :I have an XLT with a Matrox Millenium, and it works fine. Very fast.
>> :I use 3.3.1 from hamm and X works fine (as long as you don't try > 16bpp).
>> Why's that??  Any experience with 3.3.2 (w/ matrox II
>> support?  I'm quite keen on getting it.. maybe this Saturday
>When I tried 24 bpp (or was it 32) the screen went black, although it
>apparently still got its sync signals, and that was the end of the
>machine; it was totally locked up. I think it wasn't even pingable!

>From my experience, 24 bpp dies horribly, and 32 bpp works, but
crashes a bit too frequently...

>I've started downloading the 3.3.2 sources, but I'm not there yet. I've
>also been spending time getting ISDN to work (the lowlevel stuff is now
>working, the network stuff isn't).

I have my machine compiling away at the 3.3.2 sources. We'll see how
it goes (it's only an AS400 @233MHz, so it'll be a while).

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