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Re: Alcor installation and kernels etc

On Wed 25 Mar 1998, Tan Wee Yeh wrote:

> I also tried to compile the kernel for the system but failed
> in all attempts... 2.0.33 compiles but hangs the system...
> the gzipped version unzips but stays there.  The development

Did you build the gzipped version with "make boot" ? Simply gzipping the
vmlinux in the base directory doesn't work, as I found out :-)  Use
"make boot", and then use the arch/alpha/boot/vmlinux.gz image.

> kernels (2.1.85 and 2.1.90) wouldn't compile at all.  I

AFAIK that's a compiler problem, I couldn't compile 2.1.87 either at
first, but with the snapshot built by Guenther (I think?) it compiles
all the way through. I haven't tried out the latest "official" gcc yet,

> btw, I'm considering a Millenium Matrox II graphics card for
> the system (SuperProbe reports a Cirrus Logic GD5424 w 512k
> yucks!!).  I know Digital does distribute a similar system
> (for NT) with this card and that XFree 3.3.2 supports this
> (at least for the i386 platform) but wonder if it is a good
> investment for the alpha.

I have an XLT with a Matrox Millenium, and it works fine. Very fast.
I use 3.3.1 from hamm and X works fine (as long as you don't try > 16bpp).

Paul Slootman
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