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Re: dselect working? what should I use to compile?

Lars Wirzenius <liw@iki.fi> writes:
> Is dselect working on Debian/Alpha? Do I even dare to try it? (It'd be
> nice, but I can live with mirror+manual dpkg.)

I use it every day.  Or at least every day that ftp.debian.org doesn't
have a 0-length Packages file for alpha. :-)  It works just fine.

I'm sure there are a couple of things that have little dependency
glitches, but most everything I use these days works just fine.

> What versions of gcc (egcs?) and libc6 should I use to compile
> packages to upload? Other relevant packages?

I think the concensus is that we're using egcs.  Versions of gcc are
simply too broken for c++ axp/linux, and especially when optimizing c.

I'll freely admit that I'm using the egcs snapshot package that was
mentioned here in the last couple of days.  It has compiled things for
me that prior egcs releases haven't, and I haven't seen any
problems. YMMV.

> BTW, time reports the following, when I compile the text section using
> dbuild, without compiling those packages that don't compile at all.
> 	real    48m4.271s
> 	user    38m16.404s
> 	sys     3m31.805s

I daresay you outrun my UDB by a bit.

> I'll start uploading packages after I have upgraded our Alpha (I'll have
> to get MILO installed on the hard disk first, and I've never done that),
> so that I don't upload anything that's compiled using a bad compiler or
> C library.

Installing MILO is easy---make an MS-DOS partition, mount it, copy it.

Invoking it from ARC/SRM is the "hard part", and it's not that hard.


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