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Re: dselect working? what should I use to compile?

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> I use it every day.  Or at least every day that ftp.debian.org doesn't
> have a 0-length Packages file for alpha. :-)  It works just fine.

OK. I had problems with it on the Alpha many moons ago, and have kept
away since.

> I think the concensus is that we're using egcs.  Versions of gcc are
> simply too broken for c++ axp/linux, and especially when optimizing c.

OK. I'll upgrade to egcs (I'll hunt down the snapshot reference from
the archive), and re-compile the text section using it. I have version
2.0.7pre1-1 of libc6.1.

> I daresay you outrun my UDB by a bit.

Only when our Alpha works. It's been 7 months since it arrived. :-(
(Our Debian/i386 machines, however, have only required on the order of
one or two work days admin time, total, so far, since beginning of 1997.)

> Installing MILO is easy---make an MS-DOS partition, mount it, copy it.

I got it to work from a floppy just now. Whee. Am having trouble creating
an MS-DOS partition on the hard disk. mkdosfs says

	# mkdosfs -v /dev/sda2
	mkdosfs 0.3b (Yggdrasil), 5th May 1995 for MS-DOS FS
	/dev/sda2: Device not configured

The partition is marked as type 4 (DOS 16-bit <32M).

(man mformat claims mformat only works for floppies, so I haven't tried
it yet.)

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