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dselect working? what should I use to compile?

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Is dselect working on Debian/Alpha? Do I even dare to try it? (It'd be
nice, but I can live with mirror+manual dpkg.)

What versions of gcc (egcs?) and libc6 should I use to compile
packages to upload? Other relevant packages?

BTW, time reports the following, when I compile the text section using
dbuild, without compiling those packages that don't compile at all.

	real    48m4.271s
	user    38m16.404s
	sys     3m31.805s

I'll start uploading packages after I have upgraded our Alpha (I'll have
to get MILO installed on the hard disk first, and I've never done that),
so that I don't upload anything that's compiled using a bad compiler or
C library.

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