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Re: New egcs solves at least one problem...

On Wed 18 Mar 1998, mdorman@debian.org wrote:

> I had been trying for some time to compile pilot-link under egcs with
> no luck---I'd get an internal compiler editor.
> I'm pleased to report that it now compiles fine with the snapshot that
> ?Gunter posted the address for.

Just a note:

I installed Guenter's .deb yesterday, but had to use --force-overwrite
as /usr/bin/c++filt was also in binutils, according to dpkg.

> For the moment I'm happy with my 2.0.34 kernel.

I didn't get round to trying to compile the 2.1.xx kernels, as I was too
busy making a new libident package (I adopted that package after seeing
the problems with it, and seeing that it was up for adoption). There's
now a new version in Incoming (for alpha and i386).

Paul Slootman
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