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Re: automatic build script

Lars Wirzenius writes:
 > Actually, what really should be done is something that watches for
 > source packages without binary packages, downloads the sources, builds,

 You're right ...

 > uploads binaries or sends bug reports. To implement this properly, help
 > from Guy's dinstall is needed. Then, the whole of Debian could move into

 Well, things like source dependencies, ... come to my mind. 
 I think somebody mentioned this as a goal for 2.1 ...

 > this system. It should be beneficial for i386 as well (e.g., so that all
 > packages are built using the same libraries, the same gcc, etc).
 > I probably won't have time to implement this anytime soon. Anyone feel
 > like hacking on it for a few days? (Talk to Guy, first.)

 Mhmm ... I don't have too much time, I would be interested though.
 We'll see ...

 Meanwhile .. back to Alpha. With a divided compiling effort we should
 be careful if we have the same libraries and development system.
 I'm currently compiling libg++, which wasn't available for egcs until
 (hopefully) soon. 

 I'm currently using egcs-2.91.12 (from my site)
                     libstdc++2.8 (until now most packages have 272) 
 after libg++ I will build fakeroot (which depends on libg++).
 I should probably rename the libstdc++ package to libg++28 according
 to i386 naming.
 I'm not sure with this, because inthe egcs documentation it is said
 that packages should get rid of g++ ... but I think this is not our


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