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Re: New egcs on beezer

Christopher C Chimelis <chris@classnet.med.miami.edu> writes:
> I guess I'm becoming the "compiler guy" on the Alpha when it comes to gcc
> and egcs.  If anyone has any patches, suggestions, or whatever regarding
> gcc, I'm now getting pretty confident in how the whole thing is set up
> (both egcs and gcc-2.8.x), so feel free to ask :)

Well, I've got the prerelease here, and it seems to be working as well
as 1.0.1...

> Oh, also, I put in a bug report regarding invalid instruction errors that
> I've been getting with egcs.  Hopefully, either Richard Henderson or H.J.
> Lu will be able to fix the problem :)

However, the above doesn't say much, because I still can't compile

If I can give you a pre-processed file that errors (complaining of
illegal insns), could you work with RH and HJ?


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