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New egcs on beezer

Hi all...

It's been quiet around here, so I figure I'll post a little news :)

I just packaged up the latest egcs 1.0.2 prerelease version and have
uploaded it to master.  How long it may take to be incorporated into the
archive is unknown, but in the meantime, the packages are available on

Complete source package and everything is in there, so have fun.  Here's
some of the things I fixed that still haven't been incorporated upstream:

	* Linking in profiling functions WAS broken since egcs was
	  looking to pass instructions to the linker to link using the now
	  non-existant libgmon. I have patched at least the Alpha stuff to
	  link to the correct libraries (gmon functions were incorporated
	  into the main C library as of glibc).
	* Haifa instruction scheduler is enabled by default.  This was
	  missing in prior egcs packages by upstream Debian maintainer.
	* Made a "universal" diff to apply to egcs snapshots to allow
	  those of us who like to live on the bleeding edge to generate
	  egcs packages on the fly with little changes.

I guess I'm becoming the "compiler guy" on the Alpha when it comes to gcc
and egcs.  If anyone has any patches, suggestions, or whatever regarding
gcc, I'm now getting pretty confident in how the whole thing is set up
(both egcs and gcc-2.8.x), so feel free to ask :)

Oh, also, I put in a bug report regarding invalid instruction errors that
I've been getting with egcs.  Hopefully, either Richard Henderson or H.J.
Lu will be able to fix the problem :)


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