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Re: New egcs on beezer

On 6 Mar 1998 mdorman@debian.org wrote:

> Well, I've got the prerelease here, and it seems to be working as well
> as 1.0.1...

I have the package done for it already.  It's on beezer, if you want it.
The latest snapshot is not building properly, however.  I'm working on

> However, the above doesn't say much, because I still can't compile
> pilot-link.
> If I can give you a pre-processed file that errors (complaining of
> illegal insns), could you work with RH and HJ?

If they relate to a jump insn, then I may have a patch already that will
keep those instructions from being generated in the first place.
Apparently, there was a change made pre-1.0.1 that is now becoming more
evident with respect to that.  I'll try the patch myself and see if it's
gonna work, then build a new egcs package with it.

Will pilot-link compile without any -O switches?  Just curious...
Most of the problems I've run into are related to the optimisation

Forward me whatever you have and I'll see what I can make of it.  Plus,
it'll give me something to test the patch with.


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