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Re: fresh hamm install - ldconfig

On Wednesday, March 4 1998, at 14:31:57, Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
: In article <tx1afb77xnl.fsf@raeburn.org>,
: Ken Raeburn <raeburn@raeburn.org> wrote:
: >Ferenc Kiraly <feri@fiz.uni-lj.si> writes:
: >    From: Roberto Lumbreras <rover@lander.es>
: >    I suppose that if Miquel re-upload ldconfig for alpha it will be
: >    as other new and specific alpha package.
: Again: even though I made all the initial Alpha packages, I do not
: maintain any of them anymore. At the moment I do not even _have access_
: to an Alpha (that should be fixed soon where soon == a couple of weeks)

I've created a new package called "ldconfig" (with Architecture:
alpha, BTW), using ldconfig sources from the ld.so package; but I
don't know if this is the right way to do it, so I haven't uploaded
it yet.

Please test it: ftp.lander.es:/pub/linux/alpha/ldconfig_1.9.6*

If nobody objects I'll upload it soon to master... but if someone
wants to maintain it go ahead and take it ;)

Roberto Lumbreras
rover@lander.es | rover@etsit.upm.es | rover@debian.org & pgp 143BE391
Lander Internet, Madrid-Spain-UE; http://www.lander.es

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