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Re: fresh hamm install - ldconfig

Ferenc Kiraly <feri@fiz.uni-lj.si> writes:

> Ldconfing was marked obsolete by dselect, so I unintalled it. Doing this
> I broke (parts of) dselect. Now I can download packages, but I cannot
> install them. The trouble is that there is no ldconfig package available.
> Does another package provide ldconfig now? Now I really *need* ldconfig
> so I can continue installing/updating Debian.

Been there, messed that up. :-)

Fortunately, I found some recent mail about it:

    From: Roberto Lumbreras <rover@lander.es>

    The problem is that alpha has a dummy ldso package, and now
    ldconfig has been merged with it... I don't know why ldconfig
    package has been deleted from binary-alpha directory...

    Well, I've dpkg-repack'ed it from my box, you can get it from my
    ftp site: ftp://ftp.lander.es/pub/linux/alpha

    I suppose that if Miquel re-upload ldconfig for alpha it will be
    as other new and specific alpha package.

As far as I know (haven't checked lately), the master ftp site hasn't
been fixed, but installing the package from Roberto's site worked for
me.  (Thanks, Roberto!)


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