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RE: Multia

Leandro Guimaraes Faria Corcete Dutra [SMTP:lgdutra@originet.com.br] wrote:
>     I'm the happy owner of a PW433a (Multia, I think) w/ 128 MB RAM, and
> I'm suffering as a WinNT user. However, I've been prevident and assigned
> a 1139 MB partition to future Linux use. Now I want to begin, but I've
> got confused with all the options: ARC, SRM, AlphaBIOS... and the files
> at debian.org, at beezer, etc. Can someone give me a step-by-step guide
> to get going with Debian GNU/Linux? I've already performed i386 Debian
> "bo" installations, but with Alpha I do not know how to start

Debian ALPHA nano-HOWTO:

ftp://beezer.med.miami.edu/pub/chris/ is another good link.  You'll
wind up installing some packages from here to get around
dependancy problems.

If you haven't already, I highly recommend reading some of the list's
archive from the past two months (www.debian.org).  There have
been a couple of noname+udb (aka Multia (-thanks paul)) installation
reports posted which will hopefully save you time/asprin.

Good luck.  Please post any pitfalls you hit during installation,
I'll be going down the same road this weekend.

Jacob Langseth <jlangseth@esisys.com>
CTI Engineer -- Enhanced Systems, Inc.

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