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First thank for the great work, I succeed in installing from scratch
debian on our Alpha without too much problems.

I have compiled xfree-3.1.1 from the source package.

The compilation goes fine in all cases, but:
- xterm needs a small patch
- and a shared library for xdm should be added when creating the
 (these bugs also exists in the i386 package I think).

I have tried compiling with the gcc-2.7.2 in hamm, with gcc-2.8.0, and
egcs-1.01, with the three compilers and optimization level greater or
equal to -O1, almost all binaries do NOT work.

With -O0 all seems to run fine.

As any body had success compiling xfree with optimizations, and so
with which compiler?

I am willing to upload my xfree-3.1.1 binary packages to master if
nobody had already planned that, does it cause a problem?



On another subject some questions about compilers: has anybody some
benchmarks of gcc/g77 against Digital compilers. Is there any (perhaps
commercial) good compiler available for Linux (I have seen no numbers
for microway compilers). Finally what is necessary to use digital unix
compilers to compile for Linux? is it possible to run them on linux,
or do you need a DU machine?

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