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Re: Problems with libc 2.0.6-0.5

On Thu, 22 Jan 1998, Lars Wirzenius wrote:

> Our Alpha now has 2.0.5c-0.1 installed, but that version
> seems to have problems with some of the header files
> (conflicting typedefs). I tried to install 2.0.6-0.5 from
> mdorman.law.miami.edu (I think it was), but installing that
> results in: 
> BUG IN DYNAMIC LINKER ld.so: rtld.c: 452: dl_main: Assertion 
> `i == npreloads' failed!

You'll want to install libc6.1-2.0.6-2.  It just got uploaded to master
and is still in Incoming.  I have been running it for a day now without
problems.  The 0.5 version isn't quite right.

> And after that, nothing works (gives the same error
> message). The first time I tried this, the filesystem needed
> a few iterations of e2fsck to become fixed (resulting in the
> loss of a few files). The filesystem problem may have been
> due to the fact that the system had been up for over a
> month; we've had filesystem corruptions before that were
> visible only after a reboot. 
> I'm still trying to get the system back up after the second
> attempt at installing the new libc.

Yeah, nothing will work because of linker problems (shared binaries
INCLUDING in /bin, which is against my personal judgement, but conforms to
policy).  If you manage to recover your system ok (sorry about the probs),
then try the new libc and it should be fine.


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