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Re: divison by zero trap - sorry

 >  Looking through the axp-kernel archives I found the solution for the
 >  problem. There's a system call for that. It is 
 >  ieee_set_fp_control(ctrl_bits);
 >  the argument is a bit map  see FPCR_*** in include/asm-alpha/fpu.h.
 >  With this call you can enable trapping on a per thread basis.
 >  Somebody suggested that the default behaviour should be as on Intel
 > (trapping disabled for division by zero)
 >  so this call should probably be included into glibc. (probably this is
 >  done already and my glibc version is too old ?)
 >  Well, I don't know enough to say something about this, this was just
 >  a suggestion, because more people will run into this problem,
 >  especially when porting math packages.

 All wrong, ... just realized that -mieee works ok for divison by
 zero. My trap was caused by a multiplication with "Inf".


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