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Re: divison by zero trap

 > Ah, ok.  So the kernel has to have a trap handler enabled for this, eh?
 > I *believe* that there is one in the RedHat alpha patches, but I'm not
 > sure.  I'll poke around.  In the meantime, asking on the axp-kernel list
 > is a good idea :)

 Looking through the axp-kernel archives I found the solution for the
 problem. There's a system call for that. It is 

 the argument is a bit map  see FPCR_*** in include/asm-alpha/fpu.h.

 With this call you can enable trapping on a per thread basis.

 Somebody suggested that the default behaviour should be as on Intel
(trapping disabled for division by zero)
 so this call should probably be included into glibc. (probably this is
 done already and my glibc version is too old ?)

 Well, I don't know enough to say something about this, this was just
 a suggestion, because more people will run into this problem,
 especially when porting math packages.

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