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Re: Positive feedback on new gcc :) & fp exception question

On Wed, 21 Jan 1998, Guenter Geiger wrote:

>  Isn't it nice to compile a alpha kernel without all those "__r16 could
>  be used uninitialzed" warnings passing by :-)
>  I just compiled and booted 2.1.74 without a new problem ...
>  My old problem with this kernel was network support.
>  Has anybody had similar problems and knows how to fix them ?

What kind of network support problems?  I haven't had any problems with
2.1.72, but I haven't tried .74.

>  When porting applications I get now and then a floating point
>  exception and the application dies. Is it possible to handle those
>  exceptions (probably caused by zero division) and how ?  

Yes, just pass the -mieee switch to gcc and it should handle them.  egcs
had the same situation and it has to do with how the Alpha handles
exceptions in its FP operations.

Let me know if it works since I haven't run into yet personally.

Oh, btw, I'm repackaging a revised gcc/cpp package now.  I'll detail the
changes once I know it works (discovered the problem while compiling
binutils, fyi).


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