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Re: UDB installation disks: de4x5 instead of tulip network driver?

On 19 Jan 1998, Alexander Jolk wrote:
> Anybody with a UDB out there which does not work with either of those
> drivers?

Yes!  I have a UDB, and have never gotten it to work with the Tulip driver.
I've even tried all three media types (I've got access to all three at home).

Right now I'm using the other driver, and it works perfectly.

BTW, does the distributed UDB kernel have the sound driver?  One thing that's
hard for some folks to do is get the sound driver working, since the UDB's MSS
isn't at the default IRQ.  Since the list of hardware built into the UDB is so
small and so fixed, IMHO the distributed kernel should include support for all
of it. 

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