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UDB installation disks: de4x5 instead of tulip network driver?


when I installed my UDB some time ago, I ran into a small problem with
the network driver compiled into the installation kernel.  Now three
days ago, I got an email from someone trying to install debian on his
UDB who had the exact same trouble, so I'm bringing it up here:

There seem to be two different network interface drivers in the
current Linux kernel that more or less work for the on-board ethernet
in a UDB/multia box.  One is the `tulip' driver, the other one
`de4x5'.  For some reason, the Debian installation kernels use the
`tulip' driver, which does not reliably detect the interface type in
a UDB.  Symptoms: it switches back and forth from BNC to AUI to
Twisted Pair, and sometimes settles on the correct port, sometimes
not.  Personally, I managed to complete my installation with that; but
the person who contacted me last week did not so I eventually mailed
my homemade kernel to him which got him running.  My kernel has the
de4x5 driver included.

I would like to propose to change to the de4x5 driver in the
UDB/noname installation kernel.  If someone could comment on the
reasons why the `tulip' driver was chosen in the first place, we could
perhaps provide to different installation disks.

Anybody with a UDB out there which does not work with either of those


Alexander Jolk * jolk@ap-pc513b.physik.uni-karlsruhe.de * +49-721-608-3572

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