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Initial Installation.

Geoff Kuchera writes:
 > Hi,
 > 	I have been using intel debian for several years now.  I have just 
 > come into posession of a alpha AXPpci33 motherboard.  Ordinarilly I wouldn't
 > be asking what seems to be a rtfm type question but since I can't seem to 
 > locate any documentation on initial installation on an alpha I thought I'd ask.
 > Where are the manuals? 

1) The Alpha nano-HOWTO:


2) Miniloader HOWTO


  gatekeeper has a lot of interesting stuff about Alpha's

   and what is the current state of the debian-alpha
 > port?  is it useable?  I'd like to help on the effort, and learn a little 
 > about a new architecture.
At my last install the Alpha tree was quite dselectable. Although you
still have to know what you are doing, install some packages by hand 
(dpkg --force-depends). Some packages are missing...


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