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Well, in a haste, I forgot to change the installation directory on gcc
2.8.0 to /usr/local :(

So, I just replaced my gcc with 2.8.0.

This is good and bad.  I'm going to build a few packages with it and place
them on my site for testing prior to uploading.  If possible, I will need
these tested ASAP so that I know if I should just switch to the new gcc
now and ignore the older one or if I have to reinstall the gcc

Things *should* be fine and should run on other non-gcc 2.8.0 machines,
but because of the caution in the NEWS file that I mentioned earlier, I
just want to be 100% positive that things will work fine outside of my

Another thing I did see after reading the 2.8.0 docs was that it DOES
support the processor targets that egcs supports, including limited 21264
support (supports the new instructions, but otherwise treats it as an
EV5).  Plus, the -mieee stuff has been greatly enhanced from the looks of
it :)

I'm impressed with it's performance so far and seems to run even faster on
compilation than egcs was running for me.  Maybe I'll compile some
benchmarks soon to see how well it does under pressure :)

I'll keep you informed.


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