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GCC 2.8.0 is out

Hi all...

Just wanted to let you know that gcc-2.8.0 has been released and is
available on ftp.gnu.org (mirrors haven't been updated as of this

I'm compiling it to see if it solves anything for us.  So far, it seems to
be going well (it's on stage2 right now) and, even with the -O2
optimisation, it runs (as opposed to an unpatched gcc 2.7.2, where
optimisation was broken).

Also, there is a new libg++ and libstdc++ available as well.  I'll be
compiling them with the new gcc and installing them as "secondary" on my
system for testing.

One note that is of interest regarding C++ packages, though.  According to
the NEWS file, binaries linked with older libg++ versions (that weren't
compiled with the new gcc) may fail citing a bad reference.  I don't
remember the details offhand as to why this happens (the Alpha is chugging
away compiling or else I'd check), but they suggest relinking the binaries
in question and it should run.

Another interesting note is that more "-m" switches are now available to
us :)

My personal preference is still towards egcs (mostly since it supports
Alpha processor targets and an apparently decent scheduler improvement),
but we still may have to dance with the new gcc for awhile longer (which
is at least an improvement over the that we have now).

As soon as the maintainer of the Debian gcc package uploads his stuff for
gcc and the libs, I'll package them up and make them available for testing
prior to upload.


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