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Re: man-db: *huge* index.bt file in alpha

On Mon, 12 Jan 1998 fpolacco@icenet.fi wrote:

> No ideas. Maybe a problem in libdb1 on alpha?

That's probably it.

> You can examine the db using
> /usr/sbin/accessdb | less
> and see what's there :-)

I'll have to try this.  I found the cron job that generates the now
infamous index.bt (it's a weekly generated event that calls mkcatdirs).
I'm not going to invoke mkcatdirs by hand (too busy doing other
disk-intensive things), but after it generates another one, I'll check it
with accessdb and see what goes.  Thanks for the tip :)

> To the alpha-people: did libdb2 compile on alpha (maybe removing
> binary-java from binary-arch)?
> If so you can try to compile man-db with db2 (I have it here on my 486)
> I can send you the patch to compile with db2.

I'm doing this as we speak.  I was trying to get guavac compiled first to
see if I could get that to handle the java part, but until then, it's
probably better to just get db2 done and just revise master later.
Please send the patches to me and I'll tackle it this week for sure.

> Or you can try to recompile using gdbm and see if it works (just
> configure by hand with  "configure --with-db=gdbm" ).

I think I tried this before.  Then again, mandb was a bit unruly back
then.  If libdb2 fails with this, I'll try this.


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