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Re: man-db: *huge* index.bt file in alpha

On 12 Jan, Roberto Lumbreras wrote:
> rover@alpha:~$ dir /var/catman/index.bt
> -rw-r--r--   1 man      root     123666432 Jan 12 02:47 /var/catman/index.bt
> I've recompiled man-db package myself and got the same... :-(
> Ideas?

No ideas. Maybe a problem in libdb1 on alpha?

You can examine the db using

/usr/sbin/accessdb | less

and see what's there :-)

To the alpha-people: did libdb2 compile on alpha (maybe removing
binary-java from binary-arch)?
If so you can try to compile man-db with db2 (I have it here on my 486)
I can send you the patch to compile with db2.

Or you can try to recompile using gdbm and see if it works (just
configure by hand with  "configure --with-db=gdbm" ).

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