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Re: Automatic compilation: results

In article <[🔎] m0xcAkn-000shGC@cupido.cs.hut.fi> you wrote:

: For the uploads to be accepted automatically by Guy's scripts, they need
: to be PGP signed by a key in the debian developer keyring. I've sent in
: the key I use to sign the packages I build automatically on the Alpha,
: but I haven't heard back from anyone yet (it's only been 24 hours or so).


: Packages signed by other keys need to be handled manually by Guy et al,
: and I don't want to dump 400+ packages on them suddenly.

I have access to the tools in question, and could handle the install, but you
are quite correct that submitting them with a valid key on the ring would be
substantially less effort for everyone involved.  

I hadn't realized you were using a new key for the auto-build process, but it
certainly makes sense.


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