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Re: Automatic compilation: results

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Nikita Schmidt:
> Do you have all the development packages installed?

Many packages necessary for building are surely missing. I don't mind
being tell which ones. :-)

> I would add c) some packages on master contain (reported) bugfixes which
> may not be incorporated yet in the source package.  However, I don't
> think it will cause any harm if you upload those packages that do not
> present on master at all.

I won't upload packages that are already on master (read: already in
my mirror of hamm/main/binary-alpha). On the other hand, I'll also
build packages only from sources mirrored from master. This keeps the
distribution as a whole simpler, since there will only be one version
of a package in hamm.

> 1. tcl and tk packages must be built in a certain sequence (I don't
> remember which), and the unpacked and built tree of the first package
> must be available when the second package is being built.  (I hope
> your script can handle this.)

It can't, yet. If and when source dependencies are implemented, it will
be simple. Until then, I'll let such packages fail for my script (someone
will build them by hand).

> 2.  These packages are irrelevant for Alpha:
> Should a bug against their architecture specification be reported?

I'd say so, yes, especially if the bug report is worded as a question
to the maintainer.

> cannot be compiled by gcc on Alpha.

Ah, yes. The output file contains this line:

	/usr/lib/g++-include/streambuf.h:170: Internal compiler error.

Oh, well. If there were an egcs package for the Alpha, I could use that
instead of the normal gcc package, right?

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