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Re: Automatic compilation: results

In article <[🔎] 19971130014831.65303@dallas.ucd.ie> you wrote:
:> I'd start uploading them to master

Go ahead and upload all the ones that built successfully to master.  It'd be
a lot easier to test/refine/fix any problems if all the packages were on 
master.  I know I keep saying this, and not everyone agrees with me, but I 
really think the value of having the packages available for testing from "the 
usual place" far outweighs any potential negatives from imperfect package 

: 2.  These packages are irrelevant for Alpha:

:> /home/Debian/funet-mirror/hamm/hamm/source/devel/pgcc_2.7.2.970808-1.dsc
:> /home/Debian/funet-mirror/hamm/hamm/source/devel/altgcc_2.7.2.2-3.dsc
:> /home/Debian/funet-mirror/hamm/hamm/source/libs/libpthread_0.6-1.dsc
:> /home/Debian/funet-mirror/hamm/hamm/source/oldlibs/libg++27_2.7.2.1-14.dsc

: Should a bug against their architecture specification be reported?

Yes for at least pgcc and altgcc, I don't know enough about the other two
packages to comment.


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