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Re: Automatic compilation: results

On Sun, 30 Nov 1997, Nikita Schmidt wrote:

> 1. tcl and tk packages must be built in a certain sequence (I don't
> remember which), and the unpacked and built tree of the first package
> must be available when the second package is being built.  (I hope
> your script can handle this.)

tcl8.0 must be built first, before tk8.0, and the tcl source tree (already
configured) must be available when tk8.0 is built.  Best idea is to unpack
tcl first, built it, then cd back out of the build tree for tcl and unpack
tk.  It should build fine after that.

I beat my skull against the wall trying to get that all to work initially
before realising/remembering how interrelated tk was with tcl.


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