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altdev stuff on arches that don't need them (was Re: Compiling bash?)

Lars Wirzenius <liw@mail.cs.hut.fi> writes:
> Compiling bash seems to require altgcc, which seems to be
> irrelevant and not available for Debian/Alpha. What should I
> do to get it to compile with my automatic script? Install
> altgcc or symlinks from alpha-linuxlibc1-gcc to gcc, or hack
> the bash source package? (Keeping in mind that I want the
> compilation environment to be as clean as possible, and as
> far as possible re-creatable by anyone just by installing
> Debian packages.) 

I've got patches to bash I intend to send to Guy that simply disable
creation of the altdev stuff on everything but i386 and m68k.  We
don't need it, and they've got all sorts of wacky hardcoded depends we
don't need (like ldso).

I've cc'd debian-devel because I would like to suggest to all
developers that when they create altdev and libc5-compat libs that
they make them only for the platforms that need them, which, I
believe, means just i386 and m68k.


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