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RE: Kernel for AlphaServer 1000 (Success!... and a question)

I finally got the AS's to properly boot and made a running kernel for the 

Some comments:
- The AS1000 5/300 is a Mikasa-Primo
- The AS1000A 5/300 is a Noritake-Primo
- They both start with aboot from SRM.
- The Noritake image can boot the Mikasa (but won't recognize the DE435 
Ethernet board; I had to make a new kernel for that to work)
- The Tulip driver works well with Accton DC21140-based ethernet boards.

The only annoying problem I've got left is the console: I tried compiling 
support for both TGA and VGA console and TGA console only; however, I'm 
getting a display without reverse-video or bold or other ANSI attributes. 
Moreover, the background seems to oscillate unpredictably between black and 
red. Other than that it's running rather well. I used "make config", not 
"menuconfig" or "xconfig"...

Any hint as to what's going on with the console? (I'm thinking of plugging 
a VGA board, but if there's a way to avoid this I'd rather not do it)...

Many thanks to the list and in particular to Roberto Pastor and Jay 

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