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Compiling bash?

Compiling bash seems to require altgcc, which seems to be
irrelevant and not available for Debian/Alpha. What should I
do to get it to compile with my automatic script? Install
altgcc or symlinks from alpha-linuxlibc1-gcc to gcc, or hack
the bash source package? (Keeping in mind that I want the
compilation environment to be as clean as possible, and as
far as possible re-creatable by anyone just by installing
Debian packages.) 

CONFIG_SITE="" CC=alpha-linuxlibc1-gcc ./configure
--cache-file=configc1.cache --host="alpha-debian-linux"
creating cache configc1.cache
checking host system type... alpha-debian-linux-gnu
Beginning configuration for bash-2.01
checking for gcc... alpha-linuxlibc1-gcc
checking whether the C compiler (alpha-linuxlibc1-gcc  )
works... no
configure: error: installation or configuration problem: C
compiler cannot create executables.

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