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Loading linux on alpha pc164

Jorge David Ortiz Fuentes writes:
 > Hello,
 > 	I have the base, drivers and rescue disks for alpha. I have an alpha pc
 > 164 (brand highscreen). How do I make it boot from the recue disk?
 > Please, let me know if there is a FAQ. If not, and you are interested in
 > contributions, we'll be glad to help.
 > 	Thank you,
 > 			Jorge Ortiz

If you have ARC console look at the instructions for RAC console.
(Btw have you installed MILO ? )

If you have MILO, then follow the steps in the nano-Howto.

basically type 

boot fd0:/vmlinux.gz root=/dev/fd0 load_ramdisk=1

at the MILO prompt

I had to reassemble the rescue disk with the newest kernels in the
1997-10-05 directory. That was because the Tulip network card driver 
is broken on the original rescue disk. Probably you won't have to do that. 

1) The Alpha nano-HOWTO:


2) Some instruction for PC164 and ARC console I did post 

 In fact most of the instructions are form the Alpha Miniloader HOWTO


If you have the correct disks (PC164 in my case) the only difference
in the process is getting MILO to boot ...

ARC understands DOS filesystems and needs the linloade.exe file.
So you have to put milo and linload.exe on a DOS disk.

1) At the boot menu step into

  Supplementary menu.. 
          -> Set up the system
                   -> Manage boot selection menu...
                            -> Add a boot selection                                         
2) There you have to choose "Floppy Disk 0" as boot partition
  and choose linload.exe as osloader directory and name

3) Say "yes" to operating system and osloader being on the same

4) Enter "\" as os root directory
   Say "no" to initialize debugger at boot time.

5) Back in the "Boot selections menu" choose 
   "Change a boot selection"

6) Edit your new boot selection and set
   OSLOADFILENAME to your MILO image  e.g. "milo"

7) Save the changes you made.

Insert your MILO and loadlin.exe disk. Now you can boot MILO with your
newly created boot selection.
>From now on, everything should be fairly generic .... 


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