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Re: List that I promised...

On Mon, 24 Nov 1997, Guenter Geiger wrote:

>  Is there still CPU power needed for compiling this list ?
>  I got permission to use our 500 Alpha during non office hours for this
>  purpose. If we are still in need of a faster machine I can set up a
>  partition for that purpose. 

Yes, actually.  My UDB is back at work for now since I really need the
network connection now that the Jaz disk is trashed, but it still can't do
more than a few packages per day.  I would love to recompile some of the
libs, but they take a huge chunk of the day.

The new, fixed version of fakeroot is ftp'able from my site and is ready
for installation and use (in fact, I used it to rebuild the fakeroot
package as a test).

Thanks for the offer and I guarantee that I'll definitely be using it :)

>  BTW I live in GMT+1 timezone ...

Actually, this is perfect :)  I'm GMT-6, but like to do alot of stuff
right when I get home (at 17:00 EST/US), which is well after your business
hours :)


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