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2.1.x kernels

Could someone who has successfully compiled and run a version 2.1 kernel 
post their procedure to this list? When I tried to compile 2.1.65 (from
www.kernel.org), it bombed out on the first file due to some header
conflict. I have gcc version , if that matters. I understood
that the 2.1 kernel sources do not require any alpha-specific patches,
is this not correct?

Which kernel versions seem to be stable on the alpha? I need 2.1.x to
run the DEC UNIX netscape binary. I tried both arena and chimera, but
they don't seem to understand proxy servers and are prone to segfault.

Maybe 2.1 kernel binaries for the more common alpha systems should be
placed on ftp.debian.org , along with the 2.0 versions.

Ian Willmott
Northern Telecom
Ottawa Ontario

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