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noritake? (was Re: Unidentified subject!)

On Thu, 13 Nov 1997, Christopher C Chimelis wrote:

: From: Christopher C Chimelis <chris@classnet.med.miami.edu>
: To: "Roberto A. Lumbreras Pastor" <rover@lander.es>
: Cc: debian-alpha@lists.debian.org
: Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 16:45:31 -0500 (EST)
: Subject: Re: Unidentified subject!
: On Thu, 13 Nov 1997, Roberto A. Lumbreras Pastor wrote:
: > : > It is an AlphaServer 1000A 5/333, it is all I know for now, I
: > : > hadn't much time to play with it...
: Oh, just to make sure, is this an AS ef 1000A?  If so, it should be a
: "Noritake" and I'm not sure if it's supported yet.  It also *might* not be
: PC164-based, FYI, so the kernel I compiled may not work for you, in case
: it's hanging up on that.  I would try using a stock MILO (check
: gatekeeper.dec.com:/pub/DEC/Linux-Alpha/Miniloaders for one) and linload
: running from the SRM console to see if that works.  I would grab the PC164
: versions to try it at first.  If they work, then we'll have a better idea
: of what's going on.

Yes, it is AS 1000A (at least that says the box and manuals :)
According to

Hardware type    aliases          MILO image
AS 1000A (EV4)   noritake         N/A
AS 1000A (EV5)   noritake-primo   N/A

So my box is a noritake-primo?

: I'm pretty sure you're not using a Mikasa (unless it's a stock AS/1000),
: so the MILOs and linload on my site won't work.  I'll also check into
: development stuff regarding the Noritakes in case that's what you have.
: The docs I'm referring to on support for the different systems is heavily
: outdated, so it's conceivable that it's supported by now :)

at ftp://gatekeeper.dec.com/pub/digital/Linux-Alpha/Kernels/ there
are some files named "noritake-2030-srm-ev[45]-XXnov.img", so I
suppose that are kernels that can be loaded from SRM... I will try
them tomorrow.

: Chris

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