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Re: Unidentified subject!

On Thu, 13 Nov 1997, Roberto A. Lumbreras Pastor wrote:

> : > It is an AlphaServer 1000A 5/333, it is all I know for now, I
> : > hadn't much time to play with it...

Oh, just to make sure, is this an AS ef 1000A?  If so, it should be a
"Noritake" and I'm not sure if it's supported yet.  It also *might* not be
PC164-based, FYI, so the kernel I compiled may not work for you, in case
it's hanging up on that.  I would try using a stock MILO (check
gatekeeper.dec.com:/pub/DEC/Linux-Alpha/Miniloaders for one) and linload
running from the SRM console to see if that works.  I would grab the PC164
versions to try it at first.  If they work, then we'll have a better idea
of what's going on.

I'm pretty sure you're not using a Mikasa (unless it's a stock AS/1000),
so the MILOs and linload on my site won't work.  I'll also check into
development stuff regarding the Noritakes in case that's what you have.
The docs I'm referring to on support for the different systems is heavily
outdated, so it's conceivable that it's supported by now :)


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