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Re: Unidentified subject!

On Thu, 13 Nov 1997, Roberto A. Lumbreras Pastor wrote:

> Well, I tried to boot it using AlphaBIOS method and linload
> executes milo, but nothing happens after that (milo locks up?)

This is a known problem.  Did you try the AlphaBIOS version of linload?
If not, that may be the exact problem.  The non-AlphaBIOS linload tries to
load MILO in a designated memory location which, coincidentally, is taken
already (I believe by AlphaBIOS :P).  The AlphaBIOS version of linload
corrects this problem supposedly.

> I switched to SRM console, and after loading milo.dd with 'boot
> dva' it locks up at 'jumping to bootstrap code' :-(

This is probably related to the above.  I believe there's even an
AlphaBIOS version of MILO there too.

> I've missed something? I'm using milo.dd from your ftp site...
> maybe I've to use other one?

Hmmm...well, like I said before, I think that the AS/1000A's aren't
classified as "Miatas".  This could conceivably cause a problem since I'm
sure the Miatas are special cases.  I'll look into it tonight (my work day
has been rather busy here, unfortunately, and I didn't get time yet to do
so) and see what I can drum up for you.


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