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Bad news :( But good in a way

Well, I have good and bad news....

My UDB setup is dead for now.  During compilation of the new tcl and tk
8.0 packages, it froze on me during my ssh connection.  When I turned on
the console monitor, it had TONS of SCSI errors (not uncommon -- I use a
slightly screwed up Jaz disk for storage while compiling), so I rebooted.
My good buddy MILO then told me it failed to load the kernel.  Upon
inspection, it appears that my internal drive has a hosed partition table.

I *might* be able to repair this, but I doubt it since I never wrote down
the initial values that it was set up to.  Ironically enough, though, the
MILO partition is intact, so that's why I'm slightly optimistic on the

If not, c'est la vie.  It's not all bad, though, since this could force me
to do a fresh install and document the whole process :)

Wish me luck either way :)

Oh, one other thing.  On Monday, I will be receiving a new-old 486.  Yeah,
I know, it's not an Alpha, so why are you telling us, right?  Well, I plan
on tossing in a NIC, slapping Debian on it, and firing up a dedicated
Alpha site.  This will allow me to take my Alpha home again (it's been at
work all of this time) which will let me compile and play more again.
Plus, I plan on running X on the Alpha soon which would require a better
monitor than I have here.  In the beginning, I won't have much hard drive
space, but I'm trying to scavenge another drive or two, a SCSI adapter (I
think I have one in my travel bag somewhere), and some other stuff to make
this "the" site to hit.  Who knows, if I find enough drive space, maybe
I'll run a mirror of everything :)  I'll also probably set up a
mail<->usenet gateway for convenience and moderate use.

That's it for now :)


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