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UDB disk definitely hosed

Hi all.

It's official...my UDB's Linux partition is definitely hosed.  I don't
know what happened, but whatever it was really did a number on that
partition.  After trying in vain to repair it with e2fsck, I finally just
started a fresh install.

Right now, it's about halfway through installing most of the packages I
need via dselect.  Aside from a ton of dependency problems (I'm going to
write a script to check for this soon), everything seems to be going fine.

I do have two suggestions, though, for whomever is handling the base disk
	1. DNS lookups don't work even after configuring the network
	2. Is it possible that we can have an ftp installation of the
	   base system?  I had to ftp the stuff to my Intel and NFS-mount
	   the directory where I put it.  Granted, I haven't checked to
	   see what it would take to do this, but it seems like a good
	3. Ok, so there's three suggestions :P  We should consider going
	   back to the regular fdisk instead of cfdisk for reasons
	   outlined in a previous mail (bsdlabel stuff).  I had that
	   on a back shelf in my brain until I saw the cfdisk screen
	   staring back at me during installation.

Anyway, let me get back to installing here and I'll keep ya posted.


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