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Re: Compiling packages automatically

On Sat, 8 Nov 1997, Lars Wirzenius wrote:

> However, a question: Given that even after I correct the
> problems that are due to the local environment, there will
> still be hundreds of packages with problems, and I won't
> have time to check them all. My script saves the stdout and
> stderr of the dpkg-buildpackage command and these need to be
> analyzed, and then problems in the package (or my build
> environment, or whatever) need to be fixed, and then bug
> reports filed on the packages. Would anyone be willing to
> help with this?

I'd also like a copy of the output from the builds.  Most likely, I have
patched some of the problems already and/or can knock out the patches
quickly due to familiarity with the common problems encountered.

Glad to hear someone did this on a more automatic level, though.  That's
definitely a step in the right direction :)

Oh, also, most likely the libs dir is a majority of what's dying on you.
I'm currently working on this dir.  Most of the problems it's most likely
having are related to the libc5-compat stuff that most rules/control files
want to generate...


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