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Re: Compiling packages automatically

On Sat, 8 Nov 1997, Bdale Garbee wrote:
> Sure!  Put the info about what didn't compile cleanly somewhere (I don't 

My script keeps lists of known good, and known bad packages.
These are trivial to publish, of course. :)

The stdout+stderr listing makes it easier to see at once
what the problem was, and whether it might be a problem with
the build environment ("bash: gcc: command not found" :) or
the package.

> As an aside, I'd be pleased to look over your script, I'm thinking of doing
> something similar to another architecture...

I'll send it later, after I finish tweaking it.

> So, when do we get to see the .deb files that did build cleanly on master? :-)

"Built cleanly" means that my script didn't notice any
errors. I wasn't even going to mention that the packages
will have to be tested (well, a subset of them, at least)
and compared to existing Alpha .debs (some of which, I
assume, have patches that aren't in the official Debian
package source). But after we get the auto-compiling system
running smoothly, uploading packages automatically shouldn't
be a problem.

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