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conflicting network header files in glibc

While attempting to compile ppp-2.3.1, I encountered two pairs of header 
files containing duplicate macro and structure definitions. This results 
in compiler errors if both are included in the same translation unit,
which does in fact happen in this case because of nested file inclusion.

The conflicting pairs are




None of these were included directly in the PPP source, but were pulled
in by other header files, one of which was /usr/include/sys/socket.h .

I changed the two files not in the linux subdirectory to be symbolic
links to the two which were. This fixed the compile errors, although the 
executable did not work, possibly for unrelated reasons.

The funny thing is that all four of these files come from the
libc6.1-dev package. I believe that I have the 2.0.4-1 version
installed. Why are essentially duplicate (but not identical) files
present in the same package? Is this fixed in a later version of
libc6.1? (Is 2.0.5c-0.1 the  current version?) If not, is my patch safe?

Does anyone know what the story here is?

Ian Willmott
Northern Telecom
Ottawa Ontario

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