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Re: conflicting network header files in glibc

On 7 Nov 1997, Ian Willmott wrote:

> The conflicting pairs are
> /usr/include/socketbits.h
> /usr/include/linux/socket.h
> and
> /usr/include/net/if.h
> /usr/include/linux/if.h

well I don't have working gcc on my alpha yet (actually nothing is working
yet :) so anyone that could compile me kernel with adaptec 2940 and Intel
100/10 network card and make it fit on 1.44 floppy would be nice :) )
but back to your problem, thats glibc include problem
what i usually do on my intel based glibc is grep *.c and *.h files, find
out whats calling them, comment them out, try to  make the file, it'll say
blah blah is missing, then goto /usr/include (usually glibc includes are
in ./net or ./netinet or just /usr/include) then add new ones. Usually
everything works after that. my Intel system is 99% glibc, all recompiled
by me(with help from HJ)

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