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Re: conflicting network header files in glibc

"Ian Willmott" <willmott@nortel.ca> writes:
> I changed the two files not in the linux subdirectory to be symbolic
> links to the two which were. This fixed the compile errors, although the 
> executable did not work, possibly for unrelated reasons.

The correct fix is to remove all references to linux/*.

> The funny thing is that all four of these files come from the
> libc6.1-dev package. I believe that I have the 2.0.4-1 version
> installed. Why are essentially duplicate (but not identical) files
> present in the same package? Is this fixed in a later version of
> libc6.1? (Is 2.0.5c-0.1 the  current version?) If not, is my patch safe?
> Does anyone know what the story here is?

With libc5, it was appropriate to include both sets as there was a
dependency between /usr/include/* and /usr/include/{linux,asm}/*.
That dependency no longer exists, and the correct fix is to always
include from anywhere *but* /usr/include/{linux,asm}.


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