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Re: Debian on Miata (PWS433a)

On Tue, Oct 28, 1997 at 03:58:26PM -0500, Christopher C Chimelis wrote:
> Ok...update...GOOD NEWS :)  The Miatas are supported and (apparently) have
> been for awhile now (since April from what I can tell).

	Yep, I've had Red Hat on it for a while, but it
	just isn't nice. It crashes, gets a lot of non-aligned
	traps, it's kernel modules don't seem to work (or actually,
	the mechanism works but the modules don't).

> I'm currently retrieving ALL of the Miata-related files I can find to get
> them in a central location for you (and for the rest of us in the
> project).  You can find them ftp'able at:
> 	beezer.med.miami.edu:/pub/chris/miata-stuff

	Thank you. And, BTW, these suckers come with AlphaBIOS like
	it or not (that's "not" for me).

> Who's doing the boot and install disks now?  I totally forgot :P  Well,
> whomever it is (no offence), do we have kernels right now for the Miatas
> (or even the utilities for them) available?  If not, we may want to

	..this is what I would like to find out, too..
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